Second Semester

CSL 105 Discrete Mathematics
Book :
Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 7th Edition (Kenneth H. Rosen)
Online Lectures :
Discrete Structures by Prof. Kamala Krithivasan

MAL 114 Linear Algebra
Book :
Linear Algebra 2nd Edition (Kenneth Hoffman & Ray Kunze)
Online Lectures :
Linear Algebra by Prof. Gilbert Strang
Softwares :

PHL 102 Quantum Mechanics
Books :
Quantum Physics 3rd Edition (Stephen Gasiorowicz)
Modern Quantum Mechanics (J J Sakurai)
Online Lectures :
Quantum Physics by Prof. V. Balakrishnan
Quantum Mechanics by Prof. Leonard Susskind

GEL 104 Principles Of Electrical Engineering
Books :
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 2nd Edition (Leonard S. Bobrow)
Schaum’s Outlines – Theory And Problems Of Electric Circuits 4th Edition (Mahmood Nahvi & Joseph A. Edminister)

GEL 103 Introduction To Computing
Books :
For C : The ANSI C Programming Language 2nd Edition (Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie)
For C++ : Programming – Principles And Practice Using C++ (Bjarne Stroustup) | Support Site
For Java : The Java Tutorial | As Webpages
Online Lectures :
MIT’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming by Prof. Eric Grimson & Prof. John Guttag
Stanford’s Computer Science 101 by Prof. Nick Parlante
Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science by Prof. David Malan
Udacity’s Introduction to Computer Science
Google’s Python Class
Softwares :
Java Development Kit (JDK)
IntelliJ IDEA

CYP 100 Chemistry Laboratory


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