First Semester

PHL 103 Classical Mechanics
Book :
Classical Mechanics 3rd edition (Goldstein, Poole & Safko)
Online Lectures :
Classical Physics By Prof. V. Balakrishnan
Classical Mechanics By Prof. Leonard Susskind

PHL 101 Electromagnetics
Book :
Introduction to Electrodynamics 3rd Edition (Griffiths)

MAL 115 Real Analysis
Books :
Introduction To Real Analysis 3rd Edition (Bartle & Sherbert)
Mathematical Analysis 5th Edition (Apostol)

MAL 111 Mathematics Laboratory
Books :
Getting Started with MATLAB: A Quick Introduction for Scientists and Engineers (Pratap)
Softwares :

GEL 101 Product Design & Realization
Book :
Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes (GK Lal & SK Choudhury)
Software :

CYL 101 Structure, Reactivity & Dynamics
Book :
Basic Inorganic Chemistry 3rd Edition (Cotton, Wilkinson & Gaus)

PHP 100 Physics Laboratory


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